CARS 2: The Queen & Prince Wheeliam

Prince Wheeliam is in the Disney Pixar Cars 2

Prince Wheeliam - in a Bentley Continental?

We thought we’d have a quick look at the Royal connections in the Disney Pixar Cars 2, complete with The Queen and Prince Wheeliam.

It’s one of those weekends where Royal stories will abound, so it made a bit of sense – to us at least – to make mention of the Royal and London connections in the upcoming Disney Pixar sequel – CARS 2.

Topically – there’s a surprise – we have a Prince Wheeliam, which appears to be Bentley Continental GT-esque (who decided that, we wonder?) and The Queen seems to be a regal Rolls Phantom with a Crown on her roof.

The Royals are playing host to the World Grand Prix on the streets of London, and are joined by other (slightly stereotyped) characters like Chauncy Fares (a jaunty Black Cab), Topper Deckington III ( a red London Bus) and Sgt. Highgear (a Buckingham Palace Guard complete with Bearskin).

Both Prince Wheeliam and The Queen are supposed to be impartial, but are secretly hoping for victory by one of the two Brits in the World Grand Prix – Lewis Hamilton and Nigel Gearsley.

Lewis Hamilton (voiced by Lewis Hamilton – he obviously needs the money) carries the flag of Grenada as well as representing Great Britain in the World Grand Prix. Max Gearsley is the British Touring Car Champion who found his start in Hillclimb.

All of which sounds a lot like an advert for Cars 2. And why not? It should be fun – for all ages – and opens in the UK on July 22nd.

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