Cars UK wishes all our readers a Merry Christmas

Bernie Ecclestone Christmas Card 2011

Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas Card 2011

Seasons Greetings to all our readers, and a small selection of Car Makers’ Christmas Greetings 2011.

The one day of the year we all get a day off, with just the exception of one story to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

This year we’ve use Bernie Ecclestone’s Christmas Card for 2011, which perhaps sums up much of F1 for 2011, and the magnetic attraction Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa had for one another this year. Perhaps not as good as some of Bernie’s Christmas cards from previous years, but it gives us something to put at the top.

Just so there’s more than Bernie’s Christmas card for you to look at, we’ve put a handful of car makers’ festive greetings in the photo gallery of car Christmas cards below.

We’ve got Bentley’s take on Christmas, Jaguar’s Sportbrake greeting come tease, a Koenigsegg towing Santa, Pagani’s greetings to its clients around the world and Ford’s take on Santa’s Ecoboost-powered sleigh.

And that’s it from us today. We’re off to eat, drink and be Merry. We hope you are too.

Car Christmas Cards 2011

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