Caterham Supersport R extends Caterham 7 range

Caterham has added the Supersport R to its range of ‘7’ models with a 2.0 litre Duratec Ford engine delivering 180bhp.

Photo of Caterham Supersport R

The latest car news from Caterham has centred around its partnership with Renault to produce a new range of sports cars under the Alpine and Caterham badges. But that’s still a few years away from showrooms.

In the meantime, Caterham’s core road car business is the old Lotus 7 range of Caterhams, so it makes sense to keep that more appealing and relevant until new cars start to arrive, so we get the Caterham Supersport R as an addition to the range to slot in between the Supersport and the Superlight models.

The Supersport R gets a Ford Duratec 2.0 litre engine which produces 180bhp, which doesn’t sound a huge amount, but when you consider the Supersport R weighs in at just 535kg it starts to look plenty.

And it is, or at least it’s enough to scoot the Supersport R to 62mph in a better than decent 4.8 seconds (and it’ll feel even quicker) and on to 130mph – if you’re that brave.

Caterham has given the Supersport R a five-speed ‘box, limited slip diff, Avon CR500 tyres, race springs and Supersport dampers to deliver the best performance on the road or track. Inside the Supersport R gets a bespoke steering wheel, composite race seats, a four-point race harness and an aero screen.

The Caterham Supersport R can be had as a DIY kit at £24,995 or a complete car at £27,995.

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