Chevrolet Volt MPV5 surfaces

The Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Concept

GM revealed the Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Concept at Beijing

GM has revealed the Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Concept at the Beijing Motor Show, an MPV / Crossover based on the Chevy Volt.

We’re all busy waiting for the Chevy Volt / Opel Ampera / Vauxhall Ampera to turn in to reality. Despite that, GM has today rolled out an MPV / Crossover  version of the Volt at Beijing – The Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Electric Concept.

According to GM the Chevrolet Volt MPV5 is amongst the most aerodynamic of crossovers, thanks to its closed grill, lower air dam and a full underbody belly pan. Mind you, it needs to be. This mpv has to make do with the underpinnings of the regular volt despite its increase in size and weight.

That increase sees the Volt MPV5 grow in length by 181mm. It’s also 73mm wider and, you won’t be surprised to learn, 182mm taller. All of which helps the MPV5 offer reasonably commodious accommodation including 1,764 litres of load space with the seats down and 863 litres behind the back seats.

We have no real gripe with the drivetrain for the Chevy Volt, which is essentially a plug-in, range extender hybrid. The problem is that by making the Chevy Volt in to an MPV Chevrolet have inevitably added weight and resistance, which means the much lauded range of 40 miles on a charge before the range extender engine kicks in has been cut by 20%.

The performance of the Chevy Volt should be adequate at around 9 seconds 0-60mph from its electric motor which produce around 160 horses. But the performance of the MPV5 will doubtless be somewhat blunted by its size and weight. We also wonder what happens when it’s running just on the range extender engine. That only produces 100bhp, which will make for rather puny performance in the Volt, never mind the MPV5.

Still, at least GM are pushing the technology out. Just a shame they haven’t upped the power to match the product.

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