December 22, 2014

Citroen DS3: Design a DS3 Roof competition.

The Citroen DS3 Competition

The Citroen competition to design a roof and dash graphic for the DS3 has launched

Citroen has launched a competition to design a new dash and roof graphic for the Citroen DS3. The winning design will go in to production in 2011.

We’ve said from the start that Citroen were going to take a leaf out of the MINI book of marketing. Keep it in your face and churn out at least one special edition a month. And it certainly loks as if Citroen are on that path.

This little PR push is about a competition to design a roof for the Citroen DS3. No, not the shape but the graphic element. You know, like the Union Jack MINI roof (maybe we should submit that – bound to win). But this isn’t a kids’ competition. Oh, no. Citroen are taking this seriously.

The winner of the competition – which will be judged by a panel of experts including senior representatives from GQ, the Cartier Foundation and Louis Vuitton – will get their design presented at Citroën’s international showcase on the Champs Elysees just before the Paris Motor Show in October. So it’s a serious endeavour to find new designs for the roof and dash on the DS3.

The winning design will go in to production as one of at least a dozen (probably – must out-MINI MINI) special edition DS3s in 2011 – the DS3 Collection. If you want to take part jump over to Citroen’s website and have a look at the competition’s video briefs.

Cleverly conceived and executed car, the Citroen DS3. So is its PR.


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