Citroen DS5 Hybrid in 2011


Citroen DS5 Hybrid diesel electric to launch in 2011

Citroen DS5 Hybrid diesel electric to launch in 2011

Citroen is working hard to change its image and to bring innovative cars to the marketplace. We reported on the revival of the Citroen DS range back in February, and to be honest we were a little underwhelmed by what Citroen seemed to be doing. It seemed little more than a few tweaks and an iconic badge.

But news has reached us that the range of DS cars will be a fair bit more interesting than we expected. Citroen has confirmed that they are to launch the Citroen DS5 Hybrid in 2011. The DS5 will be Audi A6-ish in size, and by the looks of it it will be pretty good looking. This does, on the face of it, deserve to carry the DS badge.

But although the exterior is pretty impressive, and a convincing modern interpretation of the iconic DS range, it is under the bonnet that things get interesting. The Citroen DS5 will use diesel hybrid technology, pairing an HDI diesel engine and an electric motor to drive the rear wheels.

The DS5 will feature a new transmission and probably 4WD. In terms of economy and emissions, Citroen reckons that their new Hybrid diesel will reduce emissions by around 35%, with a price premium over the equivalent diesel of around £2,000.

Citroen say that this will be the first passenger diesel Hybrid car in the world when it launches in 2011.

Perhaps the new DS range will be more interesting than we first thought.

Update: The Citroen DS5 is now a reality, so we’ve posted a photo gallery for you to enjoy:

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  1. says

    a lot of “Flizpiepen” in this bloc.
    I find the new DS 4 and DS 5 very importent and a wonderful styled car.
    Myself I had as my own 3 x 2CV – 1 x Diane – 1 x Xantia – 2 x XM – 3 x C5 -1 x Traction avant (1939).
    Not one of this cars hat a repair outside of the norm-no one else the Traction.
    Am I the lonly who can drive these cars?

  2. Vichit Choonhapreut says

    Hydro-pneumatic suspension like that in a Xantia plus diesel engine+electric motor would be great for DS 5. Try to make maintenance of the car simple and not too costly, and minimise the use of electronics.

  3. R Phillips says

    Just got back from Paris after doing a market research project which turned out to be for the DS5. All I can say is that Citroen have got an awful lot of work to do if they intend bringing this model out next year. Frankly I thought the car was a joke and suggested they start again.
    Uncomfortable, badly designed, no idea about passenger comfort, awful driving position almost like being stuck in a cockpit, Big and ugly. My head constantly banged on the roof. I actually didn’t have anything complimentary to say about this aircraft style designed monstrosity.
    Lexus, BMW etc have nothing to worry about if this is supposed to be competition!

  4. Colin Turpin says

    I have been a citroen enthusiate for 30 years. have had 2 DS’s lots of 2cv’s GS, CX, BX and now xantias. I do all my own maintenance. I do not like anything after 1994ish as the electronics require dealer intervention. I have found that most dealers are taking the pxxx when it comes to price and service. I know for a fact that many people would not buy another citroen for that reason. However I am keeping my old xantias going as they are economical and reliable. dont let the old cars die. they will last for years, and most (non main dealer) mechanics can maintain them.

  5. Bernard Peel says

    My daughters husband,was awarded motability.He and my daughter went along to Cytroen Abingdon at Hertwells drayton rd.
    The car is a C4 it was damaged on collection,it was obviously hit or driven into something.The car was repaired today after getting the car two weeks today 30/07/10.The car was sprayed on the front near side bumper,it looks the wrong colour,it still has a scratch.Also the paintwork feels like it has rocks in it.Also it looks like over spray on the lights and
    bonnet,and to think i was going to get a Cytroen.Not anymore this is disgusting,she and her husband have been treated appallingly.

    • Bernard Peel says

      The car was not even cleaned before spraying took place.Disgusting.Then the dealer was told a gromet was missing,it still is missing.She has to book the car back in again.This car was used for demonstrations and i think it is second hand,but thats me,not motability finance.It looks like i will be going with another maker,i dont know yet,but if i stick to cytroen,it most certainly wont be with Hertwell Cytroen Abingdon Drayton Rd.

      • Gareth says

        Citroen – IT’S CITROEN!

        I only have praise for both their cars and service.
        After buying a C4 exclusive last year we inherited a dog and upgraded to a C4 Picasso Lounge – marvellous car.
        Heavy on juice and tax but well worth every penny.
        Walker Farrimond @ Nelson, Lancashire are a joy to deal with and really care – please don’t let one bad experience sour the apple cart!

  6. van Ooijen says

    When it takes as long endless delays as for the launching of the C6 it will be useless. Will only be interesting if the original hydro-pneumatic comfort will be offered. Otherwise one can better now switch to Lexus or Mercedes.

    A disappointed C6 and C5 driver (the very last one bought after a long range, no more)

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