Citroen DS5 now on sale

Citroen DS5

Citroen DS5 - now on sale

The new Citroen DS5 goes on sale in the UK today, with prices starting at £22,400 for the DSign e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6.

Citroen revealed prices for the DS5 in the UK at the start of February, but at that time the DS5 wasn’t officially on sale. But now it is, with orders being taken for Citroen’s latest DS model.

And despite the lack of a properly premium badge the Citroen DS5 does look like it will have a fighting chance of making some decent sales. It’s a great looking car – very much a grown-up DS3 – with plenty of individuality, not shocking prices and a range that goes from the economical e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6 DSign up to the green halo Hybrid4 200 Airdream EGS6 DSport at £32,200.

Whether Citroen can actually make significant sales in a market place dominated by BMW, where the 3 Series easily outsells what would once have been the de facto choice Ford Mondeo, we’ll have to wait and see, but if you want something that isn’t yet another ‘I’ve got one too’ BMW, the DS5 is a decent shout.

Citroen are throwing in contract hire deals from £299 a month on the DS5 and there’s a free 3 year servicing and breakdown package available.

If you’re looking for a car in this sector, stick the Citroen DS5 on your list for a test drive before you decide. You may well be pleasantly surprised, and if you’re a company or company car driver the 99g/km Hybrid4 200 Airdream EGS6 DSign could make a lot of sense at £26,600.

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