Citroen DS5 promo: Arsenal players take on English National Ballet +video

Citroen DS5 Arsenal Ballet

The Arsenal players and ENB dancers with the Citroen DS5

In a slightly odd promotion for the Citroen DS5, Citroen has teamed up Arsenal players with the English National Ballet

It looks a bit like Citroen has been taking notice of MINI’s somewhat off-the-wall promotions for their cars and have decided a great way to get the DS5 – now it’s on sale in the UK –  front and central is to take Arsenal players Alex Song, Wojciech Szczesny, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Bacary Sagna off to the English National Ballet to get some lessons.

We’re assuming the link with the DS5 is supposed to be all about elegance, power, shape, beauty, grace or any number of ways you can describe ballet and, by association, the Citroen DS5.

We get treated to the Arsenal players doing a lift or two, managing a Plié at the bar and even a Pas de deux, Pirouette and an Arabesque (and now we’ve run out of ballet terminology). Which won’t have done the Arsenal boys any harm at all.

Arsenal’s head of global partnerships, Vinai Venkatesham, said:

Our players really enjoyed the shoot, and the chance to demonstrate that their qualities of strength, agility, balance and focus are just as much a part of ballet as they are in football. We’re really pleased with the end result, which we feel utilises our partnership to complement the positioning of the DS5 in a novel and engaging way.

Sadly, although the Arsenal players pile in to the Citroen DS5 at the end they do so without the company of the dancers from the English National Ballet.

Which probably wasn’t what they’d hoped for.

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