Daydreaming of nudist beaches whilst driving? BMW has the answer.

BMW Lane Departure Warning

BMW Lane Departure Warning - just in case you're daydreaming

BMW has a new advert for its lane departure warning system featuring a daydreaming man and his vibrating head.

We’ve all done it (well, we all have) – managed to drive to wherever we’re going without remembering a single thing about the uneventful journey.

We all think that if something did happen our brains would jump back in to focus and attend to whatever it is that needs attending to. But car makers aren’t so sure.

So they’ve been pushing lane departure warning systems for a while, and very good they are. A little vibration when your concentration wanders is just enough to re-engage brain and keep you on the straight and narrow.

But how do you make car buyers think your less than sexy-sounding lane departure warning system is a sensible option to tick, or even a buying plus if it’s standard kit? It’s not an easy pitch.

But BMW has managed it with this video of a daydreaming driver enjoying life to the max on beautiful beaches with naked girls and a pampering partner.

Until his head starts to vibrate.

BMW Lane Departure Warning Video

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