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Where LOCAL businesses have as much clout as national ones - without spending a fortune 


Cars UK has over 170,000* visitors a month...

Cars UK Visitors


 ...& delivers up to 40,000 pages of news & reviews every day


Our readers are interested in car stuff, but a lot more too.


Why do we care what our readers are interested in?


We've worked hard since 2008 to be a credible resource for car news and reviews, and our readers are hugely important to us. So it’s vital that we only stick stuff under their noses they actually find interesting and useful. Even though we need a revenue stream, just like every other business, we know it’s important to make it right for our readers - and right for our advertisers too.


What does that mean for your business?


It means that our readers are already interested in what you have to offer, and that’s the key: A captive audience interested in what your business offers makes it all so much more effective.


How does it work?


We give you a big profile. We give your business a whole page on Cars UK of unlimited information plus photos and even video, and you can change it all whenever you want; new information as it happens, the latest deal, special offers - whatever you want to tell our readers.


How do we drive interest?


For all the areas of interest we’re running sitewide banners to drive our readers to your business listings - businesses we already know they’re interested in. For example:

Image of British Pubs

Advert Banners


...and the banners get changed regularly so they stay effective

What do readers see when they click a banner?


They see a list of all businesses in the category they've clicked. For example:

Advert Listings  


And then, with just one click, they can find businesses in their local area - or any area - with ease:

Refine Listings for LOCAL search


What happens when someone clicks on a listing?


The full details for your business open in a dedicated page, a page where you can put all the information you want including pictures, video and PDFs - and you can change it as often as you like, Free of charge, so it's always up to date with your latest information.

A full page on Cars UK


How many readers will see my advert?

With over 170,000* unique visitors a month (that's more than 2 million a year) and adverts for every category of advertiser running across every page of Cars UK hundreds of thousands of times a month, you can be sure you're getting value for money exposure for your business. And remember, our readers love to drive and travel, so they're not always just looking just for stuff on their doorstep!

How much does all this cost?

A whole year's advertising on Cars UK costs less than £1 a day. You get a whole page of information - which you can change as often as you wish - hundreds of thousands of adverts a month across the Cars UK site promoting your business category and an audience of readers who are interested in finding you.

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Want more than just a single Local advert?

Perhaps you want even more coverage for your business, or you have multiple outlets in different parts of the UK? 

Book a National Advert and you'll get everything the Local adverts get plus you'll get your own individual advert running across the main Cars UK site a minimum of 10,000 times a month...

Cars UK National Advert


...and you get 4 free Local listings too. Got more than 4 outlets? Then just contact us and we'll work out a deal!

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*Traffic source Google analytics Jan-Feb 2013