Reach Cars UK's audience of up 2 million unique visitors a year


It only makes sense to advertise if where you advertise has an established audience of readers interested in what you have to offer. Cars UK has that covered:


Up to 200,000 returning readers a year

Up to 2,000,000 unique visitors a year

Up to 40,000 pages a day read

What you get

We give you a whole page on Cars UK you can change as much as you like with wording, photos & even video, so your advert is never out of date.

Who'll see you advert?

There's no point having an advert that doesn't get seen by your target audience. Our readers can find you by business category, postcode, town or county and our Directory is promoted across Cars UK 24/7.

How much does it cost?

A whole page of information and photos - which you can update easily whenever you want - costs just £195 a year for a local advert.


If you want wider coverage - with an advert also appearing regularly right across the Cars UK site, and a preferential listing at or near the top of other listings - then choose to upgrade to a National listing for just £395 for a whole year.


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Do you have multiple outlets you want to promote on Cars UK? Just contact us to discuss options.