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Engine Decontamination from EDT Automotive restores your engine and delivers lower emissions, improved economy and more power and torque.

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Remember the smile on your face when you drove your car for the first time?

EDT can give you that smile back again after we have treated your car.

With your engine performance and driveability improved, more responsive power delivery, and smoother, quieter running, your vehicle will feel as good as new.

EDT are established nationally in the automotive trade and are known for

Improving fuel economy by up to 20%
Increasing power (6 BHP) on average and Torque (7Ftlb)
Lowering CO2 emissions by an average of 59%
Improving engine performance and driveability
Providing a smoother, quieter engine
Delivering more responsive power
Preventing premature engine wear
Removing sludge, debris and varnish from your engine

From ONLY £149 including oil and filter change

Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t experience at least one of benefits of an EDT treatment we will refund the cost of the treatment.

To bring the heart of your car back to life,

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The EDT machine takes less than 15 minutes to complete a deep clean on either a petrol or diesel engine, removing all the sludge, varnish and debris.

Carried out with only minimal disruption to a routine oil change, the process has three cycles. The first circulates an environmentally friendly solution through the engine oil ways and galleries. The second is a soak cycle. The third is a recovery cycle.

With an immediate effect likened to descaling a dishwasher, the benefits include substantially increased fuel economy, bhp and torque, with significantly reduced emissions.

This preventative and corrective treatment can be carried out as a standalone operation or as part of a service. Some dealers also now use it to reduce their fleet running costs and in used car preparation.

David Holmes, managing director at EDT Automotive, is keen to differentiate his company’s kit from additive products. “This isn’t pouring something in, it’s a full engine treatment which removes all the debris that builds up – carbon, metallic particles, even broken-off dipsticks,” he said.

“An average filter is 25 microns but our machine filters to three microns. On an average car it will extract up to half a litre of paste that doesn’t come out in an ordinary oil change.

“Improving the engine’s coefficient of friction allows sophisticated new oils to perform to their maximum, protecting bearings and precision components.

“It improves driveability, increases MPG, can turn an MOT fail into a pass, can solve oil-related issues such as tapping and turbo lag, and can also help to address DPF problems.

“We do training sessions with master technicians and some of them can be quite skeptical. After we perform the treatment suddenly all their friends and family want their cars done too!

“The word that crops up time and again is ‘smooth’. One of our proudest moments was when a Bentley owner thanked us for making his ride quieter and more refined.

“Customers love the all-round improvement in their car’s performance. They ask how long they should leave it before having it done again. It really is up to them, but practically it tends to happen at the next service.”


“The system of decontamination that you performed on my car has made a considerable difference to performance, fuel consumption and general smooth running of the car.”
Mr Wright – Peugeot 308 1.6 HDI owner – Bury St Edmonds

“I was surprised at the amount of carbon and gunk that was sucked out of the engine. BIG improvement! It feels like a brand new car and pulls like a train compared to before! I’m still smiling.”
Mr Harness – BMW E46 2.0 D owner – Nottingham

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For more information and an affordable quote, contact one of our team today.

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