Eagle E-Type Speedster: Stunning new photos

The Eagle Speedster – an E-Type Jaguar for the 21st century – in a new set of stunning photos in the South of France.

Eagle E-Type Speedster

We make no secret of our longing for the creations of Eagle E-Types, from properly fettled, sympathetically updated original Jaguar E-Types through to the stunning Eagle Speedster, which is the car the E-Type would be today if Jaguar had been Porsche.

We fell in love with the Speedster when Eagle created one for American doctor Rick Velaj and showed it at Salon Prive in 2009, and deeper still when Eagle revealed the Lightweight Speedster at last year’s Salon Prive, together with a set of photos of the Speedster that still adorn many a desktop at Cars UK Towers.

But now we have new photos of the Eagle Speedster to update our desktops, laptops and smartphones thanks to Eagle’s jaunt to the South of France last summer with the Speedster.

How we’d managed to miss these until now we don’t know, but we discovered them when one of our team – who’s lusting after Martin Brundle’s V12 E-Type – came across them on Eagle’s media page.

And how could we not share them?

Eagle Speedster South of France Photos

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