Exclusive: Koenigsegg cuts production numbers on the CCX & CCXR Edition

The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition - Now just 4 cars in the world!

The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition - Now just 4 cars in the world!

The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition is an unbelievable car. 1018bhp, 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds, 796ft/lb of torque and a top speed somewhere north of 250mph. And it can even be considered ‘Green’ as it can run on bio-ethanol (which is necessary to reach the maximum performance figures).

The CCXR Edition was never going to be a production line car churning out one after another. It was always going to be a real limited edition model, just for the few. But now, partly due to the problems in the economy, Christian Von Koenigsegg has taken the decision to limit production of the CCXR Edition to just 4 cars and the CCX Edition to just 2. Now that is a limited run – 6 cars in total. And of those six, only one is a RHD UK Car (which incidentally is actually physical and for sale). Makes a Veyron look as common as muck!

But this has as much to do with the future of Koenigsegg as anything else. They have already taken the decision to move in the Green direction, and this is just a concrete sign of the passion to move their cars towards a more environmentally acceptable place.

The preview of the Koenigsegg Quant this month in Geneva shows just how serious Koenigsegg are about going in this direction. The Quant is the future for Koenigsegg, with its stunning performance coupled with seriously eco-friendly credentials. And the Quant will just be the start. The future cars for Koenigsegg will all move in this direction.

A bold move by Koenigsegg, cutting production numbers on the Edition. It immediately states the company’s future intentions, and at the same time makes the very few Editions that will now be made even bigger collectors items. They are in effect the last of their breed. A Supercar designed without any conscience. The future is Supercars with a conscience. And Christian Von Koenigsegg is, once again, ahead of the game.

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  1. Jester44 says

    Well I reckon this is a future classic. If there are really going to be just 4 CCXR Editions and only one in right hand drive I don’t see how you can lose. Especially if cars like this aren’t going to get made any more. Just one problem. I’m a bit short at the moment. Anyone got a spaer £2 million!!

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