Fancy a pink Koenigsegg Agera R? Koenigsegg configurator launches

Pink Koenigsegg Agera R

How bad can you make a Koenigsegg look?

Koenigsegg has launched a configurator for the Agera and Agera R which allows total colour customisation of the interior and exterior.

On Friday we revealed the Koenigsegg has introduced a raft of technical and cosmetic changes to the Agera and Agera R for 2012 (2013 MY) and that they’d be at the Geneva Motor Show this coming week to show what they’ve done.

Whilst having s shufty round Koenigsegg’s recently updated web site we discovered that Christian has had his web bods busy putting together a configurator for the Koenigsegg Agera which is a brilliant way of wasting the odd empty hour.

In some ways the Koenigsegg configurator may not be as sophisticated as others – you can’t add wheels and other bits – but it does allow you to change the paint job, trim and interior colours almost infinitely.

You don’t just get a colour wheel to pick colours for the main body, but also the bonnet, piping and low rider. For the inside you can change the colours of both inner and outer leather and the stitching.

But because you can change not just the colour but also its saturation and lightness, you can create the most bizarre colour combinations imaginable.

Jump over to the Koenigsegg Configurator and have a play if you’ve got time to spare. But be warned; Koenigsegg have used html5 to build it so you’ll have to make sure you’re running the latest version of your browser of choice.

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