Ferrari – 6 new cars by 2013

The Enzo replacement - the Ferrari F70 - will launch in 2012

Ferrari will launch 6 new models in the next three years, including a replacement for the Enzo – the Ferrari F70 – and replacements for the 599 and 612.

Fiat has been busy outlining its future plans today, part of which was to outline what Ferrari is up to and what we can expect over the next three years from Maranello. None of it was unexpected, but good to get confirmation.

Biggest news for Ferrari aficionados is confirmation that the replacement for the Enzo – the Ferrari F70 – will launch in 2012. As we reported previously, the F70 seems likely to get a turbo-charged V8 – a return to the Ferrari F40 days – rather than a V12. Blame the climate. Or at least the climate change lobby.

Before the Enzo expect to see a soft-top 458 in 2011 – the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider – and also a replacement for the 612 Scaglietti. The general consensus is that the Scaglietti will stick with a V12, but we wouldn’t bet on it. V8 turbo seems far more likely to us. But it will also probably be Ferrari’s first hybrid car.

Joining the Enzo replacement in 2012 will be a replacement for the 599 GTB Fiorino which we would also expect to disappear down the forced induction route. Finally – but probably not until 2013 – we will get the hard-core 458 – the Ferrari 458 Scuderia – and a facelift and fettle for the California.

Good to see Ferrari still pushing forward despite the doom and gloom of the economy and the climate change lobby, but we expect the next three years to see the end of a V12 in a Ferrari.

Which will not seem right.

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