Ferrari California Configurator – a wonderful time-waster.

Many of the major manufacturers have had online configurators for some time. The dreamers can go and dream, and the real punters can go and see what they can live without. The likes of Porsche and Mercedes have being doing this for some time, but Ferrari hasn’t really felt the need to play – until now.

The California is Ferrari’s first foray in to this high-end but more mainstream target for some time. And, despite claiming that the California is sold out until 2011, they obviously feel the need to keep the car in the spotlight.

The Ferrari California Configurator

The Ferrari California Configurator

So what will the configurator do? Actually, it’s not as sophisticated as it first looks. You can specify interior and exterior colours, and you can change the wheels. And the graphics are nicely done. But there is no long list of options to add, and no price generator. So it’s just a toy really.

Still, it’s nice to see what ‘Your’ California could look like whilst you’re busy wondering how to pay for Christmas!

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