Fiat 500 byDIESEL for sale – but only online

Fiat 500 byDIESEL Configurator

Fiat 500 byDIESEL Configurator

It’s definitely the way the world is going.

After the success Fiat had with the 500 Abarth on-line deposit scheme recently, the Italian car maker has decided that this limited edition model is going to be for sale exclusively on-line.

The Fiat 500 byDIESEL is a worldwide limited edition of 10,000 cars, and is a collaberation between the DIESEL design team and Fiat’s own Style Centre. Aimed at young ‘Brand’ lovers, they consider the little Fiat to be an ‘Urban Survival Vehicle’.

The byDIESEL is based on the 500 Sport and comes in a choice of just 3 colours. It gets a heap of ‘DIESEL’ badges, special alloys, yellow callipers and a few bits of individual body styling. Inside you get Denim trim (lovely! Haven’t Fiat done this before on the old Panda?) and another heap of DIESEL Logos. Finally, it gets a half decent sound system, with blue-tooth and ipod.  Basically, the usual ‘Limited Edition’ stuff.

Engine choices are a 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 – the same choice as the standard 500. UK Car prices start at a little over £11k.

If you fancy one of these (personally I’d stick with the standard 500), go play with the Fiat 500 byDIESEL site at Fiat UK

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