Fiat 500 – kind to animals and the environment!

Not just a Fiat 500 crash - a Fiat Panda crash too!

Not just a Fiat 500 crash - a Fiat Panda crash too!

We’ve moved on a long way from car adverts that centre around cars driving through fire, with a Stadium Rock soundtrack to get the adrenalin and testosterone flowing. On the whole, they are more considered and/or more humorous (although some – particularly in the States – are still dire). A good example of the current genre are the commercials Audi has been producing – particularly for the R8. They had a great one that paid homage to the Godfather films, and the latest advert has an Audi R8 V10 in Maranello – home of Ferrari.

But Fiat is really on a roll at the moment, and has obviously taken as much care with its Ad Agency as it has with its strategy to take over the car world. The result is a set of adverts that promote the safety of the little Fiat 500 and the environmental impact of the Fiat range, in a set of creative ads featuring a Fiat 500 crash test involving a Giant Panda, a Walrus and a Penguin.

So, although these adverts are designed for Europe, this is a better message than Fiat’s abysmal JD Power Survey results to put before new American Car buyers.

Fiat – kind to animals and the planet!

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