Fiat ElleZero Spied – heading to Geneva 2012

Fiat ElleZero Spied

Fiat ElleZero Spied

Fiat has a new compact MPV heading towards the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the Fiat ElleZero. Expected to arrive in the UK as the Chrysler ElleZero.

It looks like Fiat’s next big model reveal is going to be a new compact MPV – the Fiat ElleZero – which, with all things Fiat and Chrysler being a bit more complicated in the UK, could end up on our shores in 2013 as the Chrysler ElleZero – or even the Chrysler EZ.

With a strong family resemblance to the Fiat Panda, the ElleZero is even expected to squeeze in a couple of extra seats as an option to make it a seven seat compact MPV, and come with the option of 4WD.

Under the skin the ElleZero uses the same platform as the Punto and will replace the Idea MPV, a car that’s continued to sell in Europe even though the UK only had it for five minutes. The ElleZero will also get turned in to the replacement for the Lancia Musa which, with a Chrysler badge or two, is what we expect to arrive in the UK as the Chrysler ElleZero. Or the Chrysler EZ. Or even the new Chrysler Musa.

Whatever moniker Fiat/Chrysler decides to eventually pin to their new compact MPV heading to the UK, we don’t expect it to arrive until early 2013, despite a debut at Geneva in March. Engines on offer will include the usual selection of TwinAir turbos and Multijet diesels.

And it could be a decent seller.

Image Source: Fiat 500 USA

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