First Pagani Huayra up for sale in Switzerland

First Pagani Huayra

First Pagani Huayra for sale

The first Pagani Huayra to come up for sale is being offered by Carugati in Switzerland at a very large premium.

We’ve had our doubts about just how many Huayras Pagani has manged to build so far for its customers, but we do know that the car we’ve all seen as the first customer Huayra is now up for sale in Switzerland,

Carugati – a Swiss family-run dealers – is offering chassis #1 Pagani Huayra for buyers with very deep pockets. We promised Carugati we wouldn’t divulge the premium you’ll need to pay, but it is substantial.

The Huayra in question is in two-tone Burgundy metallic and carbon with a black leather interior with red stitching. It has carbon ceramic brakes, Titanium Inconel exhaust, nose lift system, premium hi-fi, luggage set, rear camera and SatNav. A comprehensive spec that would cost you around €1 million if you were happy to wait on Pagani’s waiting list, but far more if you want the prized chassis #1 from Caraguti.

That said, there are doubtless enough wealthy people in the world willing to pay for the privilege of owning Huayra #1 and who won’t be remotely bothered by the premium asked. One caveat is that you can’t take delivery until June, which is when we’re guessing Pagani will finally have another customer car built to take its place.

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