Gemballa – new company formed in December UPDATE: Gemballa Insolvent

Uwe Gemballa

Uwe Gemballa

In the ongoing saga of Uwe Gemballa’s disappearance, Cars UK has discovered that a new Gemballa Company was established in December, with the only shareholder Uwe’s 79 year old mother

Update: Gemballa has applied for Insolvency at the Ludwigsburg Court – details at the bottom.

We aren’t sure whether or not this information has any relevance to the disappearence of Uwe Gemballa and his alleged kidnapping. But…

We were tipped off yesterday by a guy who knows Uwe Gemballa well. He wanted to be careful not to imply anything with the information he gave us and urged us to imply nothing ourselves when we published his information. He also urged us to check out the information for ourselves. So we dug out the Cars UK credit card and did a search of recently registered German Companies. And what we found confirmed what he had told us.

In December a new Gemballa company was registered. It’s called GEMBALLA Sports Cars GmbH & Co. KG. There appears to be just one shareholder – the 79 year old mother of Uwe Gemballa,  Edith Maria Margaretha Gemballa-Jauss, who appears to have chipped in €1,000.

The last time the company records were updated was 5/2/2010. Just before Uwe Gemballa went to South Africa.

As we said, we are simply publishing this information in case it has any relevance to the situation. We’d like to believe it doesn’t.  The document is a matter of public record. And we’ve saved you a few bob in case you were wanting to look it up.

Breaking News: There is news coming in on the German DPA news wire that the main Gemballa company has applied to the German courts for an insolvency order. The news wire says:

The court in Ludwigsburg said a law firm representing Gemballa’s wife had applied for insolvency. She had a power of attorney from her husband. A provisional insolvency administrator had been appointed.

Which rather vindicates the stories we ran on Gemballa being closed by the German authorities and our assertion that cars had been impounded.

The plot thickens.

Extracts from the German Register for GEMBALLA Sports Cars GmbH & Co. KG

Number of previous entries:


2. a) company name:

GEMBALLA Sports Cars GmbH & Co. KG

b) office, branch office, domestic business address, branch:


Business address: Mollenbachstraße 17, 71229 Leonberg

c) Corporate subject:

3. a) General rules on representation:

Any personally liable shareholders representing individually. Any personally liable partners, and its

respective directors have the power on behalf of the company in his own behalf or as agent

Make third party transactions.

b) the owner, personally liable partners, directors, board of directors, representatives and

special power of representation:

Personally liable partner: Gemballa Verwaltungs GmbH, Leonberg, Germany (Stuttgart HRB 252730)

4. Procura:

5. a) the form, beginning and Statutes:


b) Other legal relationships:

c) the limited partners, members:

Limited partner (s):

Gemballa-Jauss, Edith Maria Margaretha, nee Hoffmann, Leonberg, * 10.10.1930, deposit: 1.000,00 EUR

6. a) date of last entry:


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