GPS Jammers increasingly used to steal cars & farm equipment

GPS Jammer Car Theft

GPS Jammers increasingly used in car & farm equipment theft

New figures show that as well as being used to steal cars, GPS Jammers are also being used in the theft of Agricultural machinery.

We all do it – fit a tracker device to our pride and joy – because insurance companies insist and it makes sense. After all, a simple call to the tracker company and the boys in blue can pin down your lost love.

But that scenario is being increasingly subverted by car thieves who are using easy to buy GPS Jammers which block the GPS signals and make the car impossible to find for any GPS locating devices.

The simple GPS jammers can be bought for as little as £30 and just plug in to the car’s lighter socket. They effectively block the GPS signals to and from the car making an easy getaway a piece of cake. Daftly, it’s perfectly legal to buy a GPS Jammer in the UK (the one in the picture at the top costs just £30 online) although they are illegal to use.

Probably the biggest name in stolen vehicle trackers is TRACKER, who have been shouting for a while about the absurdity of GPS Jammers being legal to own. And they have a point. We’re struggling to see any legitimate reason to have one, so why not just make their sale illegal?

Having made it clear that GPS Jammers are being used to steal cars in the UK, TRACKER now reveal that they’re also being use to steal around £1 million of agricultural machinery in the UK every week. Common sense says that these devices should be banned, and car owners (and now farmers) should be made aware that tracking devices that rely just on GPS are currently fatally compromised.

TRACKER are quick to point out that they don’t just rely on GPS in their devices (and nor do some others) but also have GSM and VHF tracking capability. But that’s not the point.

Ban these devices now, we say. It makes more sense than making hot pasties vatable.


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