GTA Spano Supercar revealed in Valencia

The GTA Spano - a new Spanish Supercar revealed in Valencia

The GTA Spano - a new Spanish Supercar revealed in Valencia

You’re right. This is not the best time to be producing a new supercar. But it’s a trifle difficult when you’ve been working on your new project for a while, all ready to go and the economy drops through a big black hole. Still, having come this far you may as well go for broke. So Spanish racing outfit GTA revealed their new road supercar yesterday in Valencia – The GTA Spano.

Although you wouldn’t know it these days, Spain does have a car making history. Best know for making sporty, re-badged VWs at the SEAT plant, Spain can count historic marques such as Hispano Suiza in its car making past and, lets face it, a very similar culture to that international purveyor of all things supercar – Italy.

The GTA Spano is at first glance another ‘generic’ supercar. The shape is pleasing but not exactly stunning. It’s as if they’ve played safe and used a computer to morph the shapes of successful supercars, added a few tweaks, and hey presto! – a new supercar.

But under the skin it gets interesting. Although not confirmed, it would appear the Spano sports an 8.3 litre lump straight out of the Dodge Viper, fettled to produce a rather significant 780bhp – enough to send the very light (carbon, kevlar etc) Spano to 60mph in well under 3 seconds. You can even shove pure alcohol in the tank.

GTA are planning just 99 Spanos, and price is expected to be around £500,000 in the UK.

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Source: Autoblog Spain

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