Gumpert Tornante: Gumpert get a looker

Gumpert Tornante by TOURING

Gumpert Tornante by TOURING

Gumpert has brought along the Gumpert Tornante by TOURING to Geneva, a vast cosmetic improvement on the Apollo but still with real fire-power.

We’d long believed that ‘Good looking Gumpert’ was destined to be an oxymoron for ever more. But we were wrong. Because the Gumpert Tornante by TOURING is a good-looking Gumpert, in a butch, don’t-mess-with-me kind of way.

Which should do wonders for Gumpert’s sales, sales that have not been exactly stellar so far despite the Gumpert Apollo being the closest thing to a road-legal track car there is.

On offer in the much better looking Tornante – designed by Touring Superleggera, the same bunch who put the Bentley Continental Estate together last year – is a car where you won’t have to explain away the looks. Well, maybe that split rear window.

But despite the cosmetic improvements the Tornante still walks the walk. It gets a 4.2 litre turbocharged Audi lump with 700bhp, all fed to the back wheels through a race-inspired sequential ‘box. But now you also get some paddle-shifts.

Word on the grapevine is that this 700bhp version is just the start, and Roland Gumpert has something rather more powerful up his sleeve.

Things are looking up at Gumpert.

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