October 23, 2014

Honda Urban SUV Concept tease previews new baby Honda SUV

Honda has revealed a single sketch of an Urban SUV Concept that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show and previews a new baby SUV.

Tease photo of Honda Urban SUV Concept

The compact SUV, and sub-compact SUV market are growing strongly as car buyers eschew traditional small saloons and hatchbacks in favour of something perceived as a bit more rugged and more able to negotiate the urban jungle.

So the tease photos of the Honda Urban SUV Concept – which will debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2013 – is pointing directly at a new baby Honda SUV likely to hit car showrooms in a couple of years time, and likely to be based on the new Honda Jazz.

Honda are being completely unforthcoming about their new baby SUV, saying only:

The URBAN SUV CONCEPT, teased in a sketch, is a global concept model which combines a sporty and dynamic SUV profile with a spacious interior utilising Honda’s centre-tank layout, creating a highly functional design.

Think Nissan Juke with an injection of Honda beige, and you won’t be far off.



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