How much does the Pagani Huayra cost? 825,000 Euros.

The Pagani Huayra Price

The Pagani Huayra. Starts at €825k

It’s being reported that the Pagani Huayra will have a basic list price of €825,000 Euros + tax, although the options list will be endless and costly.

We’ve had the whole Pagani Huayra tease, followed by the Pagani Huayra leak and then the Pagani Huayra reveal. But one question has been on the lips of those who aspire to a Huayra: How much does the Pagani Huayra cost?

Because – contrary to popular opinion – even the super-wealthy don’t like to pay too much for their toys. Actually, the super-wealthy hate paying too much for their toys.

So where exactly Pagani pitch the price of the Huayra is enormously important. A few weeks ago we reported that a source had told us that the Huayra would come in at under €1 million – a crucial price-point.

And that source seems to have been dead right, as reports coming from a Pirelli event at their Milan HQ – where the Huayra appeared – are confirming the Euro price as €825,000 + tax.

Of course, that €825k is just the starting point. Want the extra 30-40bhp that comes from the sports exhaust? That’ll be another large chunk of change. Carbon fibre finish for your Huayra, sir? €90k please. Want the hookers-handbag interior from the publicity shots? That’ll be your left leg. You get the idea.

So the headline price in the UK should sneak under £1,000,000 for the standard car including tax.

A veritable hypercar bargain.

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