Hydrogen powered Black Cab hits London streets

The London Taxi Fuel Cell

The first LTI TX4 hydrogen-powered London Taxi

London Taxis International have previewed a hydrogen powered Black Cab in London, the first of what they hope will be a fleet in time for London 2012.

A hybrid fuel cell electric London cab has been revealed, but unlike recent developments with the traditional Black cab – where Mercedes are busy taking over – this experimental hydrogen-powered Cab is based on the familiar LTI TX4.

The joy of using a hydrogen tank to run the batteries is that unlike a plug-in hybrid a refuel will take all of five minutes – no more than filling up with petrol or diesel would, A full tank will give a range of around 250 miles and – just like a plug-in BEV – the hydrogen powered cab is emission free at the point of use.

The plan is to raise funding to produce a fleet of hydrogen powered Black Cabs in time for the London Olympics in 212. The Cab has been developed by LTI in conjunction with Intelligent Energy, TRW Conekt and Lotus and promises a much cleaner – yet still practical – future for the Black Cab.

This is the first sensible sign of Boris’ ‘Hydrogen Highway for London‘ plan, and if LTI and crew can get their act together with a fleet of these hydrogen Black Cabs in time for the 2012 Olympics it will do them no harm at all.

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