Hyundai Blue2: Hyundai Hydrogen Concept

Hyundai reveals the Blue2 Hydrogen Fuel cell concept at the Seoul Motor Show

The Hyundai Blue2 Hydrogen fuel cell concept

Hyundai has released a hydrogen concept car at the Seoul Motor Show today – the Hyundai Blue2 – offering 100mpg and 121bhp.

As you already know from the Kia Naimo report this morning, today is press day at the Seoul Motor Show. So as it’s the home show for Hyundai as well as Kia, we thought we ought to have an interesting Hyundai reveal as well. Step forward the Hyundai Blue2 Concept.

The Hyundai Blue2 features an electric motor good for 121bhp and should be able to average around 100mpg. Power for the electric motor is provided by a hydrogen fuel cell with 90kW of juice.

Hyundai has opted to make the Blue2 as efficient as possible and has implemented lots of the techniques already employed by eco cars. So there’s low rolling resistance tyres, lowered suspension, blanked-off air intakes and the like to help the Blue2 slip through the air.

The design of the Blue2 saloon apparently points to future design directions at Hyundai. The Interior features stuff like ‘eco-friendly’ materials, driver recognition, a transparent LED monitor and a mouse to control the Infotainment.

In case you’re wondering, the name comes from Hyundai’s eco range – Hyundai Blue – and the ‘2’ comes from the symbol for hydrogen – H2 – and we’re supposed to call it the Hyundai Blue Squared

All very ‘Concepty’, but Hyundai say this is a full working hydrogen fuel stack car so it seems likely to be out there as a Hyundai test car in the future.

And that’s the point. The hydrogen fuel stack is the future for electric cars.

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