Hyundai ix25 sub-compact SUV on the way?

Hyundai ix25

Is the ix-Metro Concept about to become the Hyundai ix25?

It looks like a Hyundai ix25 sub-compact SUV is on the way after Hyundai in Brazil revealed they were planning a new B Segment range.

It’s getting on for three years since we saw the Hyundai ix-Metro Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s finally starting to look as if the ix-Metro will turn in to the production Hyundai ix25.

Hyundai in Brazil has revealed it’s planning a new B-segment range of cars which will include a small SUV and Hyundai in Europe is known to be looking at how to enter the growing compact SUV market.

Nissan has paved the way for a funky little urban warrior sub-compact SUV and we’re starting to see other car makers join in with cars like the Ford EcoSport and Vauxhall Mocha. So it makes a lot of sense for Hyundai to get in on the act with what we expect will be the ix25.

With Hyundai in Brazil confirming it’s a route they’re taking and Hyundai in Europe admitting they’re looking at the same route, it seems reasonable to expect a Hyundai ix25 production concept to arrive later this year – perhaps at Paris in September – with the ix25 hitting showrooms in 2013.

And the ix-Metro Concept from 2009 seems a good starting point for the ix25. When it was revealed at Frankfurt in 2009 we thought it was a case of the design tail wagging the dog, but the Juke has taken car design down the ‘ugly but appealing’ route successfully since then and the ix-Metro’s face fits much better now than in 2009.

With a 1.0 litre GDI Turbo producing 123bhp and driven through a six-speed dial clutch ‘box the ix-Metro promised 80g/km and 86mpg. Yes, it had lots of concept fripperies, but factor those out and the basics of the ix-Metro would make a fine Hyundai ix25.

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