Infiniti and Red Bull deal set to expand

Infiniti and Red Bull

Infiniti set to get deeper in to bed with Red Bull

Infiniti and Red Bull have revealed that their partnership is to grow, with more collaboration and a higher profile for Infiniti’s sponsorship.

We’ve not been the biggest fans of Infiniti’s marketing efforts in the UK and Europe, but we had to concede that the decision for Infiniti to sponsor Red Bull in F1 had its upside.

That upside is the decision to build the Infiniti FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition as a production car, and the news that the feedback from the Vettel car will lead to a range of IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) cars which will be to Infiniti what AMG is to Mercedes and ‘M’ is to BMW.

So the news that Infiniti is to up the ante with increased Red Bull sponsorship is good news, probably both for Infiniti and Red Bull.

Infiniti consider their first foray in to F1 a big success, with the dominance of Sebastain Vettel in this year’s F1 circus giving Infiniti more ‘seconds of TV time’ than any other brand in F1. Which should mean a much higher profile for a brand which is still a stranger to many European car buyers.

That success means that Infiniti branding will be even more prominent on Red Bulls next year, and the plan is for there to be more technology and know-how swapping going on in future between Infiniti and Red Bull. Which should be good news for the already dominant Red Bull and for Infiniti sales.

There is also the possibility – in 2014, when the F1 engine changes are due – that we will see Red Bull running with an Infiniti engine rather than a Renault one.

Advertising in F1 obviously works. Which will please Bernie Ecclestone no end.

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