Infiniti FX Black & White Edition for Europe – but not UK

A limited edition of the Infiniti FX – the FX Black and White Edition – is launched in Europe based on the FX S Premium. But not for the UK.

Infiniti FX Black & White Edition

Infiniti’s efforts to gain a foothold in the premium car market in the UK have not, so far, yielded particularly impressive results.

Sales for the whole of 2012 amounted to just 582 cars (Lexus, in the same period, sold 8,404), up by an impressive 38 per cent, but from irrelevant to…still irrelevant.

That’s despite harnessing Nissan’s fleet arm for Infiniti’s benefit a year ago to boost sales to fleet buyers in a bid to hit their target sales of 20,000 cars in the UK by 2016. A target that looks cloud cuckoo land based on the progress in the last four years.

Still, the arrival of a Limited Edition is a tried and trusted way to get metal shifting in showrooms (assuming anyone knows it’s there), so we thought Infiniti might actually be getting a bit of a profile push going for the start of the New Year with the Infiniti FX Black & White Edition, a run of 500 FX S Premiums with extra goodies.

The Infiniti FX Black and White Edition gets a paint job in Obsidian Black or Moonlight White, a set of special 21″ Turbine-style alloys, black lacquer trim inside, analine leather with grey stitching as well as the decent spec from the FX S Premium.

Infiniti are building 500 of the FX Black and White Edition and they’ll be available at all Infiniti’s 50 centres in 20 European countries. But not the UK.

So it looks like driving an Infiniti in the UK is going to continue to be almost as exclusive an experience as driving a new Saab.

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