Infiniti M Line (2010/2011) – M37 & M30d – at Geneva +video

The Infiniti M Line at Geneva

Infiniti are debuting the Infiniti M Line at the Geneva Motor Show

Infiniti are to show their range topping car – the Infiniti M Line – at Geneva before a UK and European launch in September.

Back in December Nissan released a heap of detail on their range-topping Infiniti – the Infiniti M Line – aimed at European buyers of the 5 Series and E Class. But sadly for us we’re not going to get the real halo Infiniti M Line – the M56 – instead we have to make do with the 3.7 litre V6 petrol – the M37 – and the 3.0 litre diesel – the M30d. We will be getting the M35 hybrid later, but that doesn’t look as if it’s Geneva bound.

With the aim of competing with Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar – and a desire to be thought of as a viable alternative to Lexus – Infiniti are throwing plenty of toys at the M Line cars. You get a decent engine – both the existing 3.7 litre V6 petrol and the new 3.0 litre V6 diesel – and you can throw 4WD in to the mix if you wish. Infiniti say they’ve had a play with the setup to make the M Line Euro-friendly (so it shouldn’t be too much of a pudding) and you get the required ‘Eco’ or ‘Sport’ button to press depending on your mood.

In terms of quality, Infiniti are saying the interior of the M Line’s “design and finish [sets] a new benchmark for Infiniti” which is quite promising as Infiniti interiors are far from shoddy already. There are a few unusual toys like the Forest Air™ climate control which is supposed to make your Infiniti smell like a woodland walk (we refrain from comment on what we smell on our daily woodland walks) and self-healing paintwork.

The Infiniti M Line cars will start to hit the roads in the UK and Europe in September so we’re not going to get prices for a month or two. We’ve covered much of what’s on offer in the M Line previously, but if you want to read the latest bumph from Inifiniti have a read of the Infiniti M Line Geneva Press Release.

If only they’d had the balls to offer us the V8.

Infiniti M Line Video

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