Is the new Jaguar sports car going to be the Jaguar C-XE?

Jaguar C-XE

Is the new Jaguar Sports car going to be called the Jaguar C-XE?

We’ve seen the Jaguar C-X16 in concept and we thought it would get the XE moniker. But a US patent office filing suggests it could be the Jaguar C-XE.

Jaguar are keen to associate their new sports car – the Jaguar C-X16 Concept – with the legendary E-Type, so it seemed logical they would call it XE. But it looks like it may actually be the Jaguar C-XE.

A patent filing with the U.S. Patent Office by Jaguar appears to be for the moniker C-XE, so there’s logic – even if it is a bit speculative – that Jaguar will attach the new name to its new sports car.

We can take that speculation a bit further by wondering if the C-XE refers to the car we’ve already seen – the coupe C-X16 – and there’s another badge in the works for a roadster version. Could that be Jaguar R-XE?

The problem with that logic is that Jaguar uses the ‘R’ for its high performance cars, and maybe prefixing a Jaguar with ‘R’ instead of adding it as a sport suffix will confuse the punters.

But whatever route Jaguar is going, the new XE / C-XE / R-XE will arrive – eventually – with the choice of coupe and roadster bodies, and a range of engines running from 3.0 litre diesel to the hybrid powerplant with Porsche bashing performance we saw previewed in the C-X16 Concept.

And the more we see of the new Jaguar XE / C-XE, the more we like the cut of its jib.

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  1. Thomas says

    The ‘C’ moniker denotes ‘Concept’, as it always has at jaguar.

    The car will be called XE and will be preceded by a concept that is more like the production car than the C-X16 is. This concept will be a convertible, as will the production car. A coupe version may be built at a later date, but it’s rear end is far too low and will consequently require an audi tt style deployable spoiler. The concept didn’t as it generated downforce using a clever rear diffuser in the center. Where the diffuser is on the concept is where the (real, not fake) twin exhausts are on the test mules.

    • Dteamer says

      There’s logic to what you say and most of it is already here on other stories, such as the roadster angle. But JLR has been rumoured to be contemplating changing its naming so why not the C prefix for coupe, S for saloon and R for roadster?

      The use of C for concept is not a long-standing tradition at Jaguar. The E-type was E1A and there was the F-Type too. Even quite recently the Jaguar hatchback was the R-D6.

      So although logic says you’re probably right, there’s room for doubt.

  2. Dteamer says

    If the new Jag is going to be the C-XE, does that mean Jaguar are going to rework their nomenclature? Will we see the XF become the S-XF (saloon) and the C-XF (coupe if we ever get it?). The XJ could go the same route if they do an XJC as the C-XJ and S-XJ for the normal saloon version. It also fits the XK with the same prefixes as the XE.

    It would also mean they can still tack an R on the end for the performance versions.

    Just a thought.

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