Jaguar C-X16 (Jaguar XE) gets its own website

Jaguar Future Website

The Jaguar Future Website

Jaguar has launched a website dedicated to the new C-X16 Concept (which we expect to be the Jaguar XE) detailing development and design.

Are Jaguar serious about the Jaguar C-X16 Concept? If the launch of a new website detailing every bit of information they can cobble together is anything to go by, the answer is a very reassuring yes.

As we wait for solid news on what exactly the Jaguar C-X16 will become for production – the XE badge is by no means a certainty, never mind whether it launches as a convertible too – Jaguar are busying themselves offering up every single morsel of information they can showcase on a new website devoted to the C-X16.

The Jaguar Future Website has every story Jaguar can come up with at the moment and lost of spaces to be filled as more information comes on line.

And it’s not just stories either, there’s plenty of talking heads and videos to go with the stories, certainly enough for Jaguar fans to keep their appetites whetted until we get something concrete to go on.

Have a browse – it’ll waste an empty 15 minutes or so.

Jaguar C-X16 Photo Gallery

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Jaguar C-X16 Video

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