Jaguar C-X75: YouTube Sensation

Jaguar C-X75 YouTube Hit

Jaguar C-X75 YouTube Hit

The video we posted on YouTube of the Jaguar C-X75 Concept has become a big hit.

It’s a week since Jaguar revealed what instantly became the sensation of the Paris Motor Show – the Jaguar C-X75 Concept. Which, considering the C-X75 is not just a stunning-looking hypercar concept but that it also had a great big green halo and enormous power and performance, it’s not exactly a shock it became an instant star.

Even before Jaguar revealed the C-X75 they kindly sent us three videos of the C-X75 so we could get them ready for our readers. We decided to stick all three in to one Jaguar C-X75 video and we stuck that video up on the Cars UK YouTube Channel a week ago when Jaguar officially spilled the beans on the C-X75. And it’s done rather well.

In an indication of how the C-X75 has stirred the imagination of car lovers around the planet, our C-X75 video has been watched by over 44,000 people in the last week. It’s the #3 favourited car video on the whole of YouTube, the 3rd most viewed and the 4th most discussed. Which ain’t half bad.

Comments on the C-X75 include ‘BRAVO! Jaguar‘, ‘I would sell my soul? to the devil’, ‘Wow?, just wow‘ and ‘A work of art‘ amongst many, many others. Hardly any of which are negative. Which for YouTube is rather surprising.

We think Jaguar ought to get their fingers out and make those mini-turbines production-possible. Soon.

Jaguar C-X75 Concept Video

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