Jaguar & RSC “Are partners in the business”

Jaguar and Royal Shakespeare Company

Jaguar XJ outside the Royal Shakespeare Company (click for full image)

Jaguar has teamed up with the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) with the RSC and the Jaguar E-Type both celebrating 50th Anniversaries in 2011

We did warn you.

It’s the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Jaguar E-Type and Jaguar are out to celebrate the anniversary in any way they can conjure.

All things E-Type kicked off at the Geneva Motor Show last week with the original E-Type launch car – a Geneva launch at that – on hand to celebrate all things Jaguar.

Thinks will progress through the summer with a major highlight being the Goodwood Festival of Speed where the E-Type will be commemorated on the main sculpture in front of the house.

And now we learn that one theme that will resonate through this anniversary year will be the Bard, with the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) also celebrating its 50th in 2011. Cue quotes.

To create a link between Shakespeare – well, the RSC – and Jaguar is not as tenuous as perhaps it first seems. Both are internationally recognised as symbolising Britain (although Jaguar…), both are based in the Midlands and both are at the cutting edge of their industries.

As part of the deal Jaguar will be supporting the Folio Royal College of Art Exhibition at the RSC’s newly re-opened theatre in Stratford (that’s Upon-Avon, not E15).

The heavens speed thee in thine enterprise!

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