Jaguar Supermini is Ian Callum’s hobby-horse

Jaguar Supermini Callum

Ian Callum wants Jaguar to build a Supermini

Jaguar’s Design boss, Ian Callum, has a passion for Jaguar to build a Supermini – although it could be a way off.

Ian Callum’s designs have moved Jaguar from a design pastiche of the past to an individual and contemporary design language that acknowledges the past but cleverly heralds the future.

From the XJ to the new F-Type by way of the XF (now even better now it’s closer to Callum’s original C-XF Concept) and even the XK, Callum’s foresight is a big part of Jaguar’s resurgence. So when Ian Callum says Jaguar should be building a Supermini, we should listen.

In conversation with What Car, Callum confessed that in the process of moving Jaguar onwards and upwards there is almost no car segment that hasn’t been considered a possibility for Jaguar, but that his own personal hobby-horse is a Jaguar Supermini.

But despite longing to pen a Supermini for Jaguar, Callum is enough of a pragmatist to know there are limits to what Jaguar can achieve in parallel, and with new variants of existing models in the pipeline (like the XF Sportbrake, which will probably be followed soon by an XF Coupe) and new cars like the F-Type and C-X75 Supercar – not to mention the new Small Jaguar to take on the 3 Series et al – Callum knows a Jaguar Supermini is a bit of a pipe dream.

It may be a way off, but with Ian Callum championing the cause don’t bet against a Jaguar Supermini before the decade is out.

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