Jaguar XF Sportbrake: Better than Santa’s Sleigh

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Jaguar XF Sportbrake - the Santa Special

Jaguar continue the ‘official’ spy tease for the XF Estate with a spy photo of Santa packing presents in the back of the XF Sportbrake.

Did Jaguar miss a trick with the ‘spy’ photo they’ve divvied up today of Father Christmas packing presents in to the back of the new XF Sportbrake? Where are the Jaguar logos on the wrapping paper? And no sign of that nice new XJ sculpture for your desk at a very reasonable £400 on offer in Jaguar’s Christmas goodie section.

Still, selling baubles – even at Christmas – plays second fiddle to ramping up interest in what Jaguar hope will be their first properly successful Estate car. And if any car can carry off the Estate bit with aplomb – especially of the ‘Sport Wagon’ variety – it’s the Jaguar XF.

True, the Sportbrake is definitely more style than capacity oriented . If you want space you’ll need to go the E-Class Estate route, but for style the Sportbrake looks very promising. We’re expecting Jaguar to offer the new 2.2 Diesel XF, 3.0 litre diesel and a range topping XFR Sportbrake, but there won’t be a 4WD Sportbrake until Jaguar launch the new XF in 2014. And we probably won’t get the official meat of detail on the Sportbrake range until  just before Geneva in Spring 2012.

Until then, you can be sure his won’t be the last of the ‘spy’ shots of the XF Sportbrake with a touch of camouflage round the back and the @sportbrake handle on the side.

Not by a long way.

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