Jaguar XKR-S: The Configurator

Jaguar XKR-S Configurator

The Jaguar XKR-S Configurator is now online - and you don't have to have it in French Blue

Jaguar has added the XKR-S to the Jaguar online configurator, so you can go and build your own Jaguar XKR-S

Yes, we were wrong.

We said the other day when we reported that the UK debut of the Jaguar XKR-S would be at Goodwood in the Summer that we expected that to be the last XKR-S story for a while. But we were wrong. Just for a change.

The Jaguar XKR-S has now been added to Jaguar’s online configurator, so you can go play at building your very own XKR-S.

Main choices for the XKR-S are paint jobs, with a choice of Polaris White, Stratus Grey Metallic, Ultimate Black Metallic, French Racing Blue and Italian Racing Red. That classic colour palette should save us from seeing any completely atrocious colour schemes popping up on the XKR-S.

Interior trim options are fairly limited with a warm charcoal carbon and softgrain interior as standard and coloured piping and stitching with performance seats the option. You can also add in the usual extras like Active Lights, DAB and Reversing camera.

So how much does the Jaguar XKR-S cost? I’m not sure we’ve actually reported it officially, but the configurator is listing it as £97,000 and you could – if you tried really hard – nudge that over £100k by bolting on every extra on offer. But at £97,000 it’s £82,000 less than the Aston Martin DBS.

Which makes you think.

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