Jenson Button drives the McLaren P1 up the Goodwood hillclimb (video) UPDATED

The 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed is the dynamic debut for the McLaren P1 Supercar, and we have video of Jenson Button driving the P1 up the hillclimb.

McLaren P1 Goodwood Photo

Jenson Button drives the McLaren P1 (pictured at Goodwood) up the hillclimb

Update: We’ve added an extra video of the McLaren P1 going up the hillclimb that shows more of the actual run (below)

It’s all Goodwood FoS this weekend – hardly surprising – and now we have video of the McLaren P1 in action up the hillclimb.

McLaren roped in their F1 star, Jenson Button, to get behind the wheel of the P1 for its debut on the Goodwood hillclimb, but we get more of the Jenson talking head than we do of the P1 in action.

Still, Jenson’s an affable and entertaining chap, and we learn that his daily driver is currently a company car – the McLaren 12C Spider – which he keeps in his garage in Monaco.

We also learn that Ron Dennis isn’t likely to offer Jenson a new P1 as his next company car, but Jenson tells us he’s up for buying one anyway.

The blat up the hillclimb is dealt with in just a few short bits of the video, but as it’s the P1’s debut it seems worth running it anyway, and Jenson did a pretty good time – 53s – was astonished at the grip (although a bit disconcerted by the bumpy hillcimb with the P1 in track mode) and said it felt incredibly quick through the straw bales. But what he’d really like to do is get the P1 on the road.

Wouldn’t we all?

Jenson Button drives the McLaren P1 up the Goodwood hillclimb video


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