Kia pro_cee’d GT: Official

The Kia pro_cee’d GT has been officially revealed and will debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show alongside the new cee’d GT.

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Yesterday saw the first official photo of the new Kia pro_cee’d GT leak out ahead of an official reveal. And, just as we expected, Kia has stepped up to the plate this morning and sent us the official details of the pro_cee’d GT.

But although Kia has sent us details of their new warm hatch, they haven’t exactly given us extensive detail. In fact, apart from a set of photos of the new pro_cee’d GT, we have little more than yesterday.

The pro_cee’d GT – and its 5-door sibling, the cee’d GT – will both debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March, with the 3-door pro_cee’d GT going on sale in mid-2013 and the 5-door cee’d GT later in the year.

Both GTs will get Kia’s 1.6 litre GDI petrol engine delivering 201bhp and 195lb/ft or torque, which is enough for a 0-62mph of 7.9 seconds. Not exactly swift, but better that the Hyundai Veloster Turbo and a chunk quicker than a non-turbo pro_cee’d.

The key to the appeal of the pro_cee’d GT will be in its pricing, with prices expected to start at around £21.5k with the option of better trim levels increasing the headline price. So although it’s less powerful than obvious rivals, it will be a chunk cheaper and better equipped.

As we revealed yesterday, the pro_cee’d GT gets a new butch front end with big air intakes, new grill with red trim, 18″ alloys and red brake calipers, rear spoiler and twin exhausts and a much more aggressive stance, with the interior featuring red highlights, Recaro seats and GT badges.

No doubt Kia will give us more detail on the new pro_cee’d GT – and the cee’d GT – as the 2013 Geneva Show nears.

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