Kia Soul Shaker returns & Kia Picanto White arrives

Kia is reintroducing the Soul Shaker to its Shaker Originals range and launching a range-topping Kia Picanto White.

Kia Soul Shaker & Kia Picanto White Image

With metal to shift, economic gloom and snow on the ground, car makers turn to new variations on existing models to get bit more footfall – and sales – at their dealers.

So Kia is reintroducing the Soul Shaker to its Originals offerings (along with the Soul Quantum and Soul Inferno) to sit at the top of the Soul range with its Vanilla Shake paint job (or, as a no cost option, Quartz Black), 18″ alloys, Houndstooth upholstery with beige trim and a rear-view mirror that comes with a built-in reversing camera.

In addition to the Shaker extras you’ll also get iPod connection and Bluetooth, Cruise (but only on the diesel, for some reason), AirCon, LED running and tail lights and leather steering wheel and gear knob.

Engines on offer are a 1.6 litre diesel with 126bhp at £16,690 (or £17,795 if you want an auto ‘box) and a a 1.6 litre petrol with 138bhp at £15,295 (which only comes as a manual).

As well as bringing back the Shaker Soul, Kia has added a new range-topper to the Picanto range – the Kia Picanto White, which replaces the Halo and Equinox Picantos – and gets Bluetooth, AirCon, 15″ Alloys, Stop-Start, red surround for the grill, vanity mirror with a three-stage illumination feature (how did you ever live without that) and rear parking sensors.

The Picanto White starts at £11,745 for the 1.25 litre with 84bhp and a 5-speed manual ‘box, rising to £12,345 if you want the 4-speed manual ‘box (you don’t).

Oh, and whilst we’re on the Picanto, Kia has added a bright ping paint option – Fuchsia Blush – which you can spec on any 5-door Picantos with trim 1 or 2 for an extra £445.

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