Lamborghini Aventador: Are gearbox problems delaying deliveries of LP700-4?

Lamborghini Aventador Gearbox Problem

Lamborghini Aventador at Goodwood this year

We’re hearing that Lamborghini has a problem with the gearboxes on a number of Aventador LP700-4 cars, delaying deliveries to customers.

We first started to wonder if Lamborghini were having problems with the Aventador a few weeks ago, when a friend of Cars UK told us that his LP700-4 – which he’d been told was in build in September and due at his dealers in October – was mysteriously bumped until April 2012. To say he was unhappy is an understatement.

So we did the right thing and called Lamborghini. They told us there were no issues with the Aventador and all deliveries were being made as planned and on time. ‘There must be a specific reason this particular car has been delayed’, Lamborghini’s spokeswoman told us.

So we decided not to run the story straight away, but have a dig round for more information instead. After all, Lamborghini are very capable of being economical with the actualité when it suits (as we found out when we exclusively broke the news the Reventon Roadster was on the way and Lamborghini called us to tell us there would be no Reventon Roadster and that we must pull the story). So Lamborghini’s denial needed to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Now, after several weeks of ferreting round, talking to Aventador owners and Lamborghini dealers, it seems that there are problems, and that Lamborghini is having issues with the gearbox on some cars.

We’ve spoken to two owners whose cars can’t find a gear, and Lamborghini don’t seem to know why. We’ve also spoken to a Lamborghini dealer who admits to being aware of the problem.

The issues seem only to be on some cars, so Lamborghini are testing all cars before they leave the factory and those whose gearboxes are iffy are simply being delayed. The two delayed cars we know of have been told six months and four months before their owners will now see their cars.

With just a handful of Aventadors in the wild we still have no clear idea of what percentage of them are affected, but it’s pretty clear that it’s not just the odd car.

So if you’ve got an Aventador with gearbox problems – or your Aventador has been mysteriously delayed – let us know in the comments below.

And then we can ask Lamborghini to comment again.

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  1. Ziya says

    i just had my gearbox brake its not wroking the car !( i sent my aventador to lamborghini dealership lets see what they say ..

  2. Olivier says

    I had the same problem today my aventador has 500 miles and the gear box warning signal just show off and my car won’t even start.. I have the same problem with my folding mirror as well .. Marc let me know if they resolve your problem ..

  3. Marc says

    yes its true, It is pissing me off, cuz when I want to drive the car it will not even start up

    Gearbox problem, electrical problem is a true fact. I have an Aventador and I have same issues. The gear is stuck on first, reverse or neutral but the comp dont acknowledge so the car will not start up, my car has been going in n out or the dealer and no solution cuz nobody knows what the hell is the problem. Also electrical, on saturday noght my feet was getting frozen cuz the ac was only blowing on my feet and nowhere else even when i turn it off. Side mirrors will not open fully, I think now when I have it on sports the gear is acting like i am on Corsa and when i am in sports it reacts like corsa.

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