Lamborghini MLC is the Lambo SUV

Lamborghini SUV - the MLC

What we think will be the Lamborghini MLC

The new Lamborghini SUV will be called the Lamborghini MLC and will debut at the Beijing Motor Show in April.

At the start of the month we revealed that the rumour of a Lamborghini SUV were not rumours but fact, after an Audi manager confirmed that Lamborghini would be entering the super-luxury SUV with their first offering in the sector since the LM002. And now we know it’s going to be the Lamborghini MLC.

The Lamborghini MLC – which we like to think is shown in the photo above – will get the same platform as the upcoming Bentley SUV, a modified version of the VW platform which underpins the Cayenne, Touareg and Q7.

Expect the Lamborghini SUV to be one of the lighter mammoth off-roaders when it arrives, thanks to extensive use of carbon fibre. Power is likely to come from a front-mounted version of the V10 from the Gallardo, but with more emphasis on torque than outright bhp. There is also a possibility that Lamborghini will offer the MLC as a hybrid, with an electric motor to boost power and allow limited EV running.

The plan to reveal the MLC SUV Concept at the Beijing Motor Show illustrates where Lamborghini see their main market for a high-performance luxury SUV, which is likely to cost at least £150k.

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