Lamborghini Unica Tease – new super sports car at Geneva +video

Lamborghni Unica Tease

Lamborghni Unica teased ahead of Geneva 2012

Lamborghini has released a teaser video for next week’s Geneva Motor Show promising a brand new uncompromising super sports car –Lamborghini Unica

It looks like the Lamborghini Unica – if that is the name Lamborghini has chosen for their new uncompromising super sports car – is designed to steal some of the thunder from the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Switzerland next week. But what is it?

We know it’s not the Lamborghini MLC SUV, because that’s not scheduled to be revealed until the Beijing Motor Show in April. Could it be a replacement for the Gallardo? Possible, but it seems odd that we’ve had no leaks if it is.

Another possibility is the Lamborghini Aventadar Roadster. That’s been seen out and about testing recently, but would even Lamborghini stretch the definition of a soft-top Aventador to ‘a brand new uncompromising sports car’? Seems unlikely.

Another possibility is the Lamborghini Urus we reported on over two years ago. The Urus could have morphed in to the Unica (which means ‘only’ in Italian) and could have kept under the radar as any mules would have looked like the Aventador.

When we reported on the Urus we said it was Aventador to the max, with a full carbon body and every component reworked to make it as light and dynamic as possible. With over 800bhp, it was to be Lamborghini’s anser to the Ferrari F70.

We’ll find out on Monday evening exactly what the Lamborghini Unica is. In the meantime, best guesses in the comments.

Lamborghini Unica Tease Video

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  1. Eduardo martínez says

    I’ll watch it! I downloaded the video from a mobile web call vuclip! But thanks any way! I like your site! Im gonna keep visiting it! Sorry for my english! !

  2. Eduardo martínez says

    Can somebody tell me where i can download the video? I can’t watch it! I only have internet on my mobile!

    • Cars UK says

      You need a better phone if you can’t watch it!

      Lamborghini hasn’t released the video to us to host so it’s on the Lambo YouTube channel. You can try downloading it there. To be honest, there’s not a lot to see except lights on a dark mountain road, but you can hear the V12 sound.

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