Land Rover Defender 110: The Lego Edition

Land Rover Defender Lego

The Lego Land Rover Defender

A Lego building genius called Sheepo has built a perfect scale version of a Land Rover Defender 110 out of Lego. And it works.

The odd ‘Castle’ or maybe an intricate wall was probably as far as any of us ever got with Lego, but a Lego building master calling himself Sheepo has put together an awe-ispiring scale model of a Land Rover Defender 110 built entirely out of the little plastic bricks (and some Lego extras).

The entire Lego Defender is made out of stock Lego parts (all 2,800 pieces of it) and it works – all of it. From the five-speed gearbox and two-speed transfer box to the fully functioning steering everything works just as it should, even the RWD and 4WD modes.

Even the brakes on the Defender work and by removing just four pins the body separates from the chassis to reveal all the work Sheepo has done. It really is a masterpiece and deserves to be seen.

Pop over to Sheepo’s website and take a look and then head over to the Cuusoo website where you can vote for Sheepo’s creation. If he gets 10,000 votes Lego will apparently turn his masterpiece in to a real Lego Land Rover Defender kit.

Which is the only way we’ll have a cat in hell’s chance of creating anything remotely similar from a pile of plastic bricks.

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