Lexus Detroit Concept tease 2. Could this be an LFA derivative?

Lexus Detroit Concept tease 2

Lexus Detroit Concept tease 2 (click image for full size)

Lexus has sent us the second teaser photo of a new concept showing a new design direction heading for the Detroit Auto Show.

Last week Lexus came over all enigmatic and sent us a teaser photo of a concept car heading for the Detroit Auto Show in January which, they say, heralds a new design direction for Lexus.

All we got was a tight front three-quarters shot of the new car showing a car which appeared to be dynamic and sporty, and with more than the odd design cue from the LFA. And today Lexus delivers tease photo number two, this time showing the interior of the new Lexus concept.

The new photo shows a car with a very upmarket-looking interior; lots of stitched leather in an elongated diamond pattern and contrasting colours. There appears to be real wood (rather than the perfectly formed Japanese take on car interior veneers we’re used to) and what appears to be a big central information centre.

We’ll find out soon enough what exactly Lexus has under their hat, but we’re starting to wonder if this could be a take on the LFA? We reported back in August that Lexus appeared to be committed to producing an LFA Roadster, and there’s been talk of a hybrid LFA too. All of which makes sense.

The development costs for the LFA – and its glorious V10 – must have been enormous, and more takes on the limited run of 500 LFA coupes makes a lot of sense. But whether this tease is for another LFA or something else altogether from Lexus is something we’re not going to know for a week or three.

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