Lexus IS 250C – UK Prices

The Lexus IS 250C launched in the UK in July

The Lexus IS 250C launched in the UK in July

We reported on the Lexus IS 250C launch last month (although only actually available in Japan then), and the first UK cars will be hitting the roads next month. So now seems about the right time for Lexus to admit how much they want for the cars.

When we reported on the launch, we guessed that the UK prices would start in the low-ish £30k range. Well, almost right – they start at £34,550 for the IS 250C SE-I.

It seems likely that the Lexus IS 250C will do quite well in the UK. The Lexus IS is a refined and ‘sensible’ alternative to the BMW 3 Series or the Audi A4. And I think the IS 250C will do even better. Why? Well, a lot of BMW and Audi A4 drivers buy for the way the car drives. There is nothing wrong with the way the Lexus IS drives, it’s just not as involving as a good 3 Series or A4. But it seems that an awful lot of buyers of the 3 Series and A4 convertibles buy for the looks. And the IS 250C is good looking and well-priced.

We haven’t driven one yet, but there is nothing wrong with the hard top IS so, apart from a bit less rigidity, we would expect the IS 250C to be good at what it does. And it has to be better than the last woeful offering from Lexus in the convertible stakes – the SC430 – which was trying so hard to be all things to all men its sales fell off a cliff.

Lexus IS 250 C UK Prices

IS 250C SE-I – £34,550.00
IS 250C SE-I Full Map Navigation – £36,750.00
IS 250C SE-L – £39,540.00
IS 250C SE-L ACC/PCS and Multimedia – £43,250.00

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