Lexus LF-Gh Concept the new Lexus GS, or not?

Lexus LG-Gh - the new Lexus GS or a new Grand Tourer

The first Lexus LF-Gh tease

Lexus has issued the first teaser photo of the Lexus LF-Gh Concept due at New York. The new GS or a Grand Tourer Coupe?

It started with a website that proclaimed the arrival of the Lexus LF-Gh Concept at the New York Motor Show this month. And now it’s moved on to the first teaser photos. To be expected.

We’d pretty much decided that even though we pontificated on the possibility that the Lexus LF-Gh was going to be sort of high-riding coupe crossover, it seemed likely that it is nothing more startling than the new Lexus GS. Or is it?

We would – even with a hybrid-only option in the UK – consider the GS a sports saloon. When we reviewed the Lexus GS earlier this year we were delighted that it was a Lexus you could enjoy on the B road blast, rather than the hybrid gubbins being there just for the green halo.

But we wouldn’t call the GS a Grand Tourer. Which is what Lexus are calling the Lexus LF-Gh Concept. They say the LF-Gh bit stands for ‘Lexus Future Grand Touring hybrid’.

Now to us a Grand Tourer is something like a DB9 or a Scaglietti or a Bentley Continental GT. Something sleek and powerful and two door. A 2+2 at most – never a four-seater saloon. Which is what the Lexus GS is.

So are Lexus about to reveal a sleek, two-door Grand Tourer version of the GS, rather than a new GS?

We’ll find out on 19th April.

Lexus LF-Gh Concept Photo Gallery

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