Mazda6 (2010) – on sale early

The Mazda6 Facelift 2010

The 2010 Mazda6 will be in UK showrooms by mid-March

Mazda has brought forward the release date of the 2010 Mazda6 in the UK. Petrol cars will; be in dealers this month and diesel engines cars in May. Prices start at £16,990.

Last month the 2010 Mazda6 was launched in Japan and – quite surprisingly – the following day we got news that the facelifted 2010 Mazda6 would hit the UK very shortly. Most Japanese companies manage to get their updated product out in Japan long before the rest of the world, so good on Mazda for doing the Euro update at the same time.

It seemed that even though Mazda had announced the 2010 Mazda6 their dealers weren’t even aware a facelifted car was due (they should read Cars UK). We had a Cars UK reader comment last week that he couldn’t get one of three Mazda dealers he contacted him to talk about supplying a 2010 Mazda6. So we hope Mazda has contacted all its dealers to let them know they can take orders now.

Mazda say the order date for the Mazda6 has been brought forward ‘due to demand’, which as their dealers didn’t seem to respond to our reader’s request to buy one makes you wonder how they knew. Anyway, that aside, the petrol-engined 2010 Mazda6 will be in Mazda showrooms by the middle of this month, and the diesels by May.

The range is 19 models strong – as a hatchback and estate – with a choice of 3 petrol and 3 diesel engines. There are 4 trim levels – S, TS, TS2, and Sport – and prices start from £16,990. Upgraded equipment for the 2010 Mazda6 includes ‘smart’ turn indicators and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) for the ‘S’ on up.  Spend more and you get rear spoiler (TS upwards), front & rear parking sensors and Hill Hold Assist (TS2 upwards), and swivel AFS front lights (Sport). Full leather trim is an option on TS2 and Sport models and includes electric front seats with memory.

So if you phone your Mazda dealer and they don’t know what you’re talking about, point them here and tell them to talk to Mazda.

But it’s probably worth the effort. The 2010 Mazda6 is a far from poor choice.

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  1. Elaine Usletten says

    loads of people have a mazda 6 espesillily people who live near me but this mazda 6 may hold 5 seats will they be a mazda 6 estate in the future? because this is a family saloon car and it should have a estate car

  2. Nicholas Sadlier says

    When it comes to the new (facelifted) Mazda6 dealers know damn fine all about it! Dealers will often deny all knowledge of imminent new arrivals because they are desperate to shift the current stock on their forecourts. They always hate talking about new stuff around the corner…and if you visit them about a a new model that’s not due for another year or two these chaps will literally go into meltdown in front of your very eyes….transparency of information has yet to reach UK franchised car dealers! They must absolutely hate the internet…and that’s not just because of internet brokers!!

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